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10 Fun Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

Meeting new neighbors is part of the fun of moving to a new neighborhood in Utah.  Feeling a sense of community in a new area is key to feeling welcome and making friends. It’s just as important for you to make friends as it is for your kids.  Of course, meeting new neighbors can be just as nerve wracking for you as it is for young kids.  Don’t let that stop you! Take a look at these 10 easy ways to meet new people in your Utah Neighborhood.

1. Join a Children’s Play Group

Children tend to make friends easily and they always have energy to spare.  Ask for recommendations from neighbors about children’s play groups at the local park, library, or community center and join in.  While the kids play, get to know the adults around you and in turn make new friends.

2.Get Involved in the Community

There are plenty of community activities, event groups, neighborhood boards, school volunteer groups, and community service groups to join.  Joining a cause or group that shares similar interests as you is the perfect way to meet like minded neighbors and contribute to the neighborhood you are now part of. 

3. Ask Some Questions

You’re the new neighbor everyone is anxious to meet and you are probably excited to get to know the area.  Strike up a conversation and ask about local restaurants, gyms, the favorite local coffee spot, or a nearby park.  Chances are you also need to find a new doctor’s office, a new salon, or a new mechanics shop in the area.  Ask for recommendations and get to know your neighbors in the process. 

4. Spend Time Outside

Take a walk, visit the dog park, go on a hike, walk the streets of downtown and see the sights.  You can’t meet the neighbors if you’re cooped up inside.  Getting some fresh air is also a great way to unwind after moving and unpacking.  Utah has much to offer in the way of outdoor adventure.  Get out there and explore

5. Lend a Hand

If you’re outside doing yard work, taking the trash out, or unloading the groceries, chances are you will run into a neighbor doing the same.  Offer a helping hand as a way to get to know them and allow them to get to know you.

6. Ask for Help

You’ve lent a hand but know you need help too.  Ask!  You’ll be surprised at how quickly people jump in to help once they know you need it.  Has moving left you with boxes to break down?  Do you need help installing a new front door lock?  Find a handy neighbor and make a new friend in the process.

7.Host a Welcome Party

You just moved in so a big house warming party is probably not the best idea, but a small welcome party is perfect.  Open the garage door, set out some tables and chairs, and invite the neighbors to each bring a treat to share.  You can get to know people and the kids can all meet each other.  A welcome party doesn’t need to be fancy.  Your new Utah neighbors will just be happy to see a friendly face. 

8. Sign the Kids Up for Activities

Look up local kids’ sports clubs or ask for recommendations from your new neighbors.  Basketball, dance, and the local community center are great opportunities to meet parents with kids the same age, and for your kids to make friends with those with similar interests.

9. Join a Book Club

Moving is stressful! Sit down with a book and unwind.  Visit your local library or search social media for book club groups.  You’ll be sure to find a group of people with similar taste in literature and you’ll have a topic of conversation ready to discuss when you meet.

10.Smile and Say Hello

Last but not least, Smile! It’s that easy.  Make yourself approachable and you just might find your neighbors coming up to you before you even get a chance to say hello.  A friendly wave never hurts either.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to extend kindness in such a simple way.


You’re the new Utah neighbor! It’s exciting to explore your new home, the outdoors, and everything Utah has to offer.  While you’re doing, don’t forget to meet your new neighbors and build lasting friendships with those around you.  Talk about similar interests and be open to trying new things as you settle into your new home.  





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