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10 Items to Pack in your Utah Moving Essentials Bag

Whether you have hired Utah movers to move you down the street or across Utah County, moving is a large undertaking with several moving parts to consider.  This can be a stressful situation but hiring Utah movers can take a load off of your shoulders.  There are several ways to organize your move and your family to make the process smoother.  One way to do that is to put together a moving essentials bag.  This a quick grab bag filled with items you will need on hand for moving day and the days following as you get settled.  You can use a duffle bag, a backpack, a laundry basket, or a moving box specially labeled and kept within arms reach.  Whatever you use, you can fill it with personal items you will need the day of your move and that night as well.  The convenience of a moving essentials bag may just be what saves your sanity after a long day moving to your new home.

What should I pack in a moving essentials bag?

1.Basic Toiletries

Our Utah movers are prepared to back your belongings but it will be helpful to you to let us skip a few items.  Rather than find yourself wishing you could find your toothbrush or a washcloth at the end of a long moving day, grab a small toiletries bag and put it in your moving essentials box.  Include a toothbrush, toothpaste, a washcloth, soap for a quick shower, and a hairbrush.  A nice shower in your new home at the end of a long day of moving will be just what you need. 

2. Roll of toilet paper

Speaking of basic toiletries and bathrooms, add toilet paper to your moving essentials bag.  You’ll thank us for the reminder later.  Moving day is not the time to have to run to the store for toilet paper.

3. Scissors

Do you have a special drawer that you keep the scissors in? Grab them now and put them in your moving essentials bag.  Scissors are a small but handy item for opening boxes, cutting tape, and unwrapping furniture from the packing plastic.

4. Important documents

Important documents are the last thing you want to lose track of on moving day.  These documents might include closing papers for your new home, birth certificates and marriage records that you want to keep close for peace of mind, utilities paperwork for your new home, or a move out checklist if you are moving out of a rented home. 

5. Your wallet and keys

This ones easy to remember.  You won’t get to your new home without  your keys, but in all the hustle and bustle of the day, it is a good idea to have a designated place to keep them while you direct our movers and go throughout the day completing the various tasks.  The essentials bag is the perfect place.  Think of it as a “go bag”.

6. Electronics

Phones and charging cords are both essentials on any day of the week, but most especially on moving day.  You are sure to find yourself on the phone making final arrangements or coordinating family assignments to help you get from your old home to your new one. Having your phone and charging cords nearby help the day run smoothly.  You should also include ipads and any gaming devices you think might keep the kids occupied later in the day. 

7. Medications

When you are loading your moving essentials don’t forget about your medications.  It is best to keep enough within reach to last you a few days until you are settled and a little more organized.  This may include prescription medications but remember to keep painkillers, stomach medicine, allergy medication, and children’s pain medication handy as well.

8. Small tool kit

Before our movers pack the garage, set aside basic tools like a hammer, nails, duct tape, a tape measure, and a level.  Having tools ready to use when you arrive at your new home will help keep the process moving.  The sooner our movers unpack your belongings, the sooner you can begin making your new home your own and basic tools will be a huge help to you. 

9. Change of clothes

Keep a change of clothes for the next day, as well as pajamas, in your essentials bag so that you don’t have to look through boxes or barely organized closets to find something to wear.  It may even be nice to pack enough clothing for the first few days.

10. Snacks and water

Moving day is a physically taxing day and you will need water and snacks to help you keep moving.  Keep your favorites nearby for a quick snack break for you and the kids.


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