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12 Creative Ideas for Leftover Moving Boxes

Moving to Utah is an exciting new adventure.  Part of the adventure is unpacking after you move.  Unpacking can be a chore if you choose to do it yourself. A better option is to get a free estimate from us that includes moving and unpacking your belongings, and while we will gladly haul off the empty boxes, there are ways to use leftover moving boxes.  Maybe you have little ones that need to be kept busy, maybe you kept a few boxes but now you have no use for them, or maybe you have the itch to be creative. Either way, these 12 creative ideas for using leftover moving boxes will help.

  • Use the boxes as lining for garden beds
  • Reuse them as gift boxes, especially around the holidays
  • Build your dog or cat an indoor pet house to keep them busy and out of your hair while you organize your new home
  • Organize your closets 
  • Organize your garage
  • Cut them up and use the pieces as drawer dividers
  • Cut large, decorative letters and paint them.  Use them as wall decor in your kids’ rooms
  • Repurpose some as extra laundry baskets until you get settled in your new home
  • Post them for sale on local social media groups
  • Let your kids color and/or paint all over them
  • Build a dollhouse 
  • Make a fort

Your Utah move does’t have to be all work.  Use what is around you to lighten the mood and relax after a long day of moving by repurposing moving boxes and having a little fun.  Moving boxes can be more fun than you think, if you think outside the box.