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12 Tips for Moving to Utah from Across the Country


  • Purge Unnecessary Items

Before you start packing or hire Utah movers to do the packing for you, get rid of any unnecessary items.  Go through your belongings and make quick decisions about what to keep, what to donate, what to sell, and what can be thrown away.  Purging unnecessary items before you start packing means you will avoid taking up space in the moving truck with items you don’t even want or need.  

  • Make Travel Plans Ahead of Time

Are you flying to your new home in Utah while our movers drive the truck? Are you driving your personal vehicles? Are you recruiting the help of friends to drive one of your personal vehicles? Make these decisions ahead of time so that you can plan out your route.  Take time to plan your route, rest stops, and hotel stays if you are traveling over a few days.  Coordinate stops with the rest of your caravan so that you can travel together and make the trip more enjoyable.

  • Prepare to Travel with Your Pet

If you are moving with your pet they will need some special consideration.  They will need a comfy space to travel in the car and they will need bathroom breaks and even short walks along the way.  If you are flying to your new home in Utah they will need airline arrangements.  Check out our blog on moving with pets for a more complete list of tips.

  • Hire Professional Utah Movers

Get a free estimate here and hire our team of movers to help you.  That’s right, we not only move locally in Utah, we also move across the country.  Our movers are glad to help make your moving experience exceptional and take some of the workload off of your shoulders.

  • Put Utilities in Your Name.

As soon as you finalize an arrival date to your new Utah home, contact power, water, sewer, gas, cable, and internet services to schedule representatives to come out to your new home and get everything turned on for you.  Scheduling these activations ahead of time will make your new home that much more comfortable and functional.

  • Say Goodbye to Loved Ones

When you move away from friends and family it is hard to say goodbye.  Give those special relationships the time and attention they deserve by scheduling a goodbye party or a luncheon with friends.  Saying a proper goodbye helps make this hard transition a little bit easier.  This is also true for little ones.  Make the transition and goodbyes easier for them by setting up play dates or times for friends to come over and say goodbye.

  • Entertain the Kids Along the Way.

Have a plan for how you will keep the kids entertained during the drive to your new home, or on the plane if you are flying and letting our Utah movers do the driving.  Pack plenty of snacks, toys, electronics, and drinks.  Plan stops along the way where everyone can get out and stretch their legs.  

  • Pack a Moving Day Essentials Bag.

When you have your belongings packed and ready to go, what do you do if you need something that is already on the moving truck? Avoid this situation by packing a moving day essentials bag.  Keep snacks, water, a change of clothes, basic toiletries, and electronics nearby by taking a minute to put together what you need most.  For a more complete list of what should be inclined in your moving essentials bag, check out these suggestions.

  • Have a Plan for Unpacking

Once you arrive at your new home the first thing you need to do is unpack but this can quickly turn into a mess without a plan.  The easiest way to tackle unpacking is to allow our Utah movers to do it for you.  If you are moving to Utah from across the country then you are likely tired and worn out.  Allow us to take the workload on and get you unpacked and settled into your new home.  

  • Change Your Address

Thankfully changing your address is quick and easy at any USPS location or on the USPS website.  Forward your address to coordinate with the day you will arrive at your new Utah home.  This will help quell any delay in receiving your mail on time.

  • Get a new Utah ID/Driver’s License

Welcome to the state of Utah! You will need a valid Utah Driver’s license not long after you arrive at your new home.  You can contact the local DMV to schedule an appointment and get a list of required documents to receive your new driver’s license.

  • Explore Utah!.

Meet new neighbors and explore the beautiful mountains and other places to enjoy outdoor activities.  Visit a restaurant, community center, library, walking and hiking trails, and much more as you get to know the area and complete your move. Check out this complete list . of fun and easy ways to get to know your new neighbors and the surrounding area.  

Moving to Utah with our Utah movers to help is the best way to make a cross country move less stressful and successful.  We are happy to help you get settled and enjoy your new home.  




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