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16 Items You Should Get Rid of Before You Start Packing

Before you decide what to get rid of before our Utah movers arrive, designate areas or boxes in your home for items to sell, donate, recycle, or sell.  Doing this before you start sorting through unwanted items is a huge step in staying organized before you start packing, or before our movers pack for you.  Below are 16 items you may consider getting rid of before you start packing, suggested ways to get rid of them. 

Several common items you may consider getting rid of before you start packing can be thrown right in the garbage. These items include expired products such as food, broken household items that cannot be repaired or are not in decent condition to be donated.  You can also throw out old, unusable furniture.  Expired medication should also be thrown out but contact your local police station and/or hospital before disposing of medication.  These facilities often have special drop off receptacles.  There, they can be properly destroyed rather than thrown in a trash can or flushed down the toilet.  Expired makeup should also be thrown away as it can carry bacteria.  Throwing these unwanted and most often unusable items away before you start packing will save room for items you do want in your new home.

When possible, you should consider donating unwanted items to a local charity.  Of course, these should be items that are in good condition and useful to the recipient.  These items may include old furniture or furniture that will not fit in your new home, clothing that no longer fits you or your style, old electronics, children’s toys, kitchenware, baby gear, or gifts you received but didn’t use.  Old but decent shoes, extra cords to electronics, and greeting cards.  Old furniture is great to donate to your local second hand store.  Clothes that no longer fit you can be donated to charities that specifically work with domestic violence victims and underserved community members.  Old towels and sheets may not be in proper shape to donate to a thrift store but they are often welcomed at pet shelters and rescue farms.

Before you start packing or before our Utah movers do the packing for you, you may consider another popular option for getting rid of unwanted items.  Selling items at a garage sale or at a consignment store is a quick way to prepare for a move.  Many items you may consider donating, can also be sold if you’d rather.  Baby gear and children’s toys can be sold easily at a garage sale or at a consignment store.  Children are expensive.  That is not a surprise to anyone, parent or not.  Parents in your area will most likely be eager to purchase your unwanted items at a discounted price.  You may also have luck selling new items that you never used.  Such as unwanted gifts, clothing that was never worn, or forgotten items hiding in the attic or the back of your closet.

Some items that you’d rather not pack and move to your new home are perfect for recycling.  Non-essential paperwork can easily be recycled.  If needed, you can shred it beforehand to add a level of security.  While you are sorting through old paperwork you may find instruction manuals as well that you no longer need.  These can also be recycled but do not need to be shredded first.  Old paint can be recycled as well but you will need to do some research ahead of time to find a recycling facility in your area that accepts old paint.  Old paint should never be disposed of in a regular trash can.

Preparing to move in or to Utah and starting with an organized but simple purge of unwanted and unused items is a great first step before you begin packing.  Of course, as a full service moving company, our team at Uinta Moving is prepared to pack for you.  Either way, disposing off, selling, or donating unused items gets you off to a quick and efficient start.


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