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2 Ways to Move Using Utah Movers

Moving to Utah is a fantastic way to close out this year.  There are plenty of places to visit in Utah that will help you get to know the area and meet new friends.  But the first order of business is to complete the move.  Using a moving company is well worth the investment and our trained Utah movers are here to help while keeping your budget in mind.  You can get a free estimate and as well as consider these 2 ways we can help you move without breaking the bank.



1.Hybrid Moving Using Utah Movers

Hybrid moving is a mix of do it yourself moving and calling on Utah movers to help where needed.  If you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and pack and move you home, it’s a great way to get some exercise but it is time consuming and labor intensive.  While we are a full-service moving company and we are trained to pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings, we understand that some DIY’ers are in it for the long haul so to speak.  Moving items that fit nicely in easy to carry medium sized boxes is achievable for most families as they work together or even recruit friends for help.  However, moving large items such as washers and dryers, and large furniture, can be a bit tricky.  Such large items require some help to pack properly to avoid damage as well as help to physically load and unload from the old home to the new.  Our movers are trained to pack these types of items with the proper moving blankets and cling wrap to ensure they arrive at your new home unharmed.  We are also prepared with a full team of movers to do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to large household items.  Using a hybrid method to move means that you can do what you are able, and count on our Utah movers to finish the job, allowing you to settle into your new home right away.


2.Full Service Moving with Utah Movers

If you are unable to move your home yourself, or simply don’t have the time and want to take the task off your to-do list, give us a call for a free estimate and let us add it to our to-do list.  Our full service movers pack your belongings for you, in the appropriate boxes and with the proper packing materials to protect your belongings.  We also load the truck, meet you at your new home, and unload it all so you don’t have to.  Once your belongings arrive at your new home we unpack the truck and move you in.  Hiring a full service moving company takes the pressure off of you and your back, and is a great way to get the job done without a lot of hassle and worry. 

When you plan your move to Utah, or simply from one area of Utah to another, book your appointment with our full service movers. No matter if you need our Utah movers to provide a full service move or just help with the large items, we are here to make sure you get moved into your new home so you can enjoy it.


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