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4 Quick Tips for Winterizing Your New Utah Home

You have moved to Utah and here comes the snow and lower temperatures, now what?  Your Utah home needs to be protected.  Here are 5 tips for winterizing your home.

1. Protect the Pipes

Freezing pipes is the most common concern for new Utah home owners.   When temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a risk that pipes can freeze.  To protect your home, keep a small stream of water running through your faucets.  You can also insulate pipes with blankets, towels, or insulating products from a local hardware store.  Another simple way to warm pipes is to open cabinet doors and allow warm air from your home to circulate around the pipes.  

2. Seal the Cracks

Your Utah home may be older and/or previously lived in and it may need a few updates before the winter weather rolls in.  Check your new home for cracks around windows and doors. Mark the areas that need to be sealed.  Depending on what areas need repair, you will need to install a weather strip or sealant.  

3. Check Your Heating System

Chimneys, furnaces, and boilers are all excellent ways to keep you warm and cozy in your new home.  If your new home has a chimney, make sure to service it once a year to clear debris and soot buildup before you use it for those cold winter nights.  If your new home is previously owned and maybe on the older side, consider having a professional give your furnace or boiler a once over before you use it.

4. Stop the slips, trips and falls.

Outdoor walkways and steps will be wet and slippery in Utah winter weather.  If you are new to snowy weather, make sure you have snow shovels, salt, and brooms available to help you keep your walkways clear and safe.  IF you have outdoor handrails you should check them for any damage and mobility.

Winter weather is fun and magical, but can quickly become hazardous and miserable if you are not prepared for it.  Winterizing your new home with these simple tips will make it easier for you to enjoy the snow and your new home.


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