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4 Things You Can Do Before the Movers Arrive at Your New Home

Before moving in and before your Utah movers arrive, here are some simple steps you can take to ensure a smoother move in process. Consider these four steps on move in day. 

Decide Where You Want Us to Place Furniture

Moving in means you will need a place to relax after such a big day. Our movers will bring your furniture in and set it up for you.  We are eager to ensure you are moved in and settled in your new home by putting couches, chairs, and beds where you would like them. Take a moment before the moving truck arrives to finalize where you would like these items set up so that we can move you in quickly and you can enjoy your new home. 

Designate Rooms of Your Home

Do you have children that will be sharing rooms? Will you need a home office?  Does your new home have multiple bathrooms? These are all questions to consider while you decide where you would like our movers to place your belongings.  Our movers are happy to place furniture and boxes exactly where you want them. You can designate areas of your home as a guest bedroom, a home office, a dining room, a bedroom for one child, or a bedroom for more than one child. Placing a simple piece of paper on the door or a nearby wall of each room, labeled with its intended use, is a great way to let our movers know where your items belong. 

Clean Your New Home

Whether you are moving into a home that has been lived in previously, or a brand new build, your new home will surely need a once over by a cleaning crew. You may consider hiring a cleaning crew or rounding up some friends and neighbors to help you. Once your home is clean and our Utah movers place your items in your home, you can enjoy your new home right away. Cleaning your new home before you move in a helpful step in moving in and getting settled.

Clear Your New Driveway

Our movers will be ready to unload the moving truck as soon as we arrive at your new home. We’re excited for you! Our moving truck is large and full of your items, ready to be moved into your new home.  Residential streets are large enough to accommodate our truck, however, it may be more efficient, and kinder for your new neighbors, if our truck is in your driveway. Moving and parking your personal vehicles to another area before our truck arrives will help the process move smoother and more efficiently. This means you can be settled in your new home in no time. 

Moving is a big life event with several decisions to be made.  Making a few small decisions before our movers arrive can make the process easy for you while our movers do the heavy lifting. 


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