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5 Moving Expenses to Add to Your Budget When Moving to Utah 

If you are moving to Utah or to a new area of Utah, you’ve thought about the common expenses such as packing material, hiring a moving company, and or course the cost of the new home. What you may have overlooked are some of the smaller expenses that of course add up in a hurry. To avoid any surprise expenses, here are 5 common moving expenses most people forget about when considering moving expenses. 

1.TV Streaming Services

TV services are in every household budget as a recurring monthly expense but some TV streaming services require you to pay a moving or hook up fee in order to hook up the service at your new home. To avoid a surprise expense, contact your tv service provider. 

2. Internet Service Provider

This world runs on the internet in every facet of  our lives so of course, this may be one of the first items you check off your moving to-do list.   After moving to Utah you will need to contact a local internet service provider to get the internet hooked up in your new home. This will require a set up fee and maybe a regular monthly fee soon after. 

3. Utilities Fee

Water, power, trash, propane gas, and sewer are just a few of the common utilities you will have when you move to your new Utah home. Utility companies will surely be one of your first calls when you move in. Initial hook up fees will be required from each of these providers and can add up quickly if you are not prepared. Make sure to add these moving expenses to your budget as you plan your move. 

4. Cleaning Services

While not an unavoidable moving expense, hiring a cleaning service to clean the home you are moving out of, or the new home you are moving into, can help take a large task off of your to-do list. Hiring a cleaning service can also give you peace of mind that the new Utah home you are moving into is clean and ready for your family to enjoy. 

5. Home Repairs

Once you’ve moved into your new home, there may be necessary home repairs that need to be made if the home was previously lived in. This could include repairs as simple as paint touch ups and new light switch covers, to larger repairs such as new flooring or a new HVAC system. When you are planning your move to Utah, make sure to include saving for such repairs. You are likely to find at least minor repairs that need to be made as you begin to unpack and get settled.

Moving expenses add up quickly and some can be unexpected. Planning your move to Utah and hiring Uinta Moving Company to help will take some of the burden off of your shoulders.  Budgeting for these and other moving expenses will also take some of the surprise out of moving expenses as they come up. Moving to Utah is a great opportunity and planning ahead makes the experience that much more enjoyable.


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