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5 Tips for Moving Elderly Parents in Utah

5 Tips for Moving Elderly Parents in Utah

 Moving the elderly, especially your parents, can be a large and emotional undertaking.  Uinta Moving offers more than just loading and unloading the moving truck.  We are here to make moving elderly parents less stressful for you and them.


Moving elderly parents presents its own set of challenges.  In moving the elderly from a long-term living situation such as your childhood home, to an elderly care facility or a relative’s home, you will likely be moving heirloom furniture, antique mementos, vintage clothing, and jewelry passed down through the years. There is also the transaction of selling the home, and other family members that want to be part of the move to consider.  Once you have decided to move your elderly parents, have listed the home for sale, and chosen an alternative living situation, there are several more steps to completing the move.  Here are 5 ways you can make moving elderly parents seamless. 


#1 Gather Your team

Reach out to siblings, aunts, uncles, and other relatives that can help you take on the task of sorting through your parent’s belongings.  Contact Uinta Moving for a free estimate.  As a full-service mover, we do more than just load and unload the moving truck. We are a full- service moving company prepared to properly pack your parent’s belongings and do the physical labor needed to carefully remove heirlooms and other items from the home.  


#2 Sort Your Parent’s Belongings

If you have a team of family members helping to sort and pack elderly parent’s belongings, deciding on an organized way to pack items will keep everyone motivated and working together. Begin by deciding which items will be donated, which items will be stored, what will be given to family members, and what your parents would like to take with them. Mark designated rooms or areas of the home that will serve as staging areas for those items being donated, stored, gifted to family, or moved to the new home. We will load the moving truck so as to be prepared to make a stop at a storage unit and at the new home if needed.  Next, begin to sort through items that will be gifted to family members.  Label those items with the person’s name as well as the box they will be taking home with them, avoiding a box mistakenly being loaded into the moving truck. 


#3 Plan for a Final Living Situation

Moving elderly parents typically means they are downsizing or need care from a loved one or care facility.  Gather your team to decide which living situation will work best for your elderly parents.  If you plan to have items moved to more than one location, provide addresses to Uinta Moving ahead of the move date.  Consider renting a storage unit if your parents are downsizing, moving in with a relative, or into a care facility.  Uinta Moving can unload some items at a predesignated storage unit as well as any items your elderly parents wish to keep with them, at their new home.  


#4 Meet Uinta Moving at Your Parent’s New Home

Our movers will carefully load the moving truck and meet you at the new destination.  When you schedule your full-service move, double-check that the new address is correct.  Consult your team ahead of time to decide who will be there to meet the moving truck at your elderly parent’s new home.  Moving can be a long day for the elderly.  It may be helpful to have one family there to care for the elderly parents and one to direct our movers where boxes should go.  


#5 Unpack Your Elderly Parent’s Belongings

Once we arrive at the new home, we will unload the moving truck and ensure boxes are placed in the correct room or rooms so that unpacking can begin right away.  Moving into a new home is an exciting day but it can also be stressful for the elderly.  We do the packing and heavy lifting so your parents can settle into their new home immediately.   


Moving elderly parents can be taxing emotionally.  We are here to make the event easier so that you can focus on your family, while our family focuses on your move.



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