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5 Packing Materials Our Utah Movers Use

Need to start packing? Looking for movers in Utah County? Uinta Moving is the perfect team for you.  Our movers are trained to pack and move your household with the utmost care.  Our team uses a variety of products to help pack and move your belongings.  Here are 5 packing products our movers can’t do without.


#1 Bubble Wrap

Not only is it fun to pop where you are done with it, but bubble wrap is a life saver, or should I say glass saver, when our Utah County Movers are packing your belongings.  Filled with pockets or air, these bubbles provide a cushion for your glass cups, ceramics, family heirlooms, and picture frames so that they aren’t damaged in transport.  You will see our team of movers use it to secure your belongings before placing them in the appropriate box.  It is a great option because it is light weight so your moving boxes won’t be unnecessarily heavy but your belongings will be secure.  If you can resist the urge to pop the bubbles, it is also reusable.

#2 Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are a staple for our movers.  One way we rely on them is when our movers are securing large furniture.  Moving blankets are large and can generally cover most large pieces of furniture with one or two blankets.  These blankets protect against scratches and dings while we move furniture into the truck.  They also provide cushion and stability inside the moving truck.  One way we secure large furniture in the truck is to tuck moving blankets in between large items to reduce large gaps of space. Securing your belongings this way ensures they won’t move around in the truck while it is being driven to your new home.

#3 Cling Wrap

Cling wrap has a variety of uses when our movers are packing your belongings.  The two most common uses are to wrap dressers and boxy furniture and to secure moving blankets to large furniture when needed.  To effectively pack the moving truck, our movers will often leave the drawers in the dressers we are packing.  This makes for a convenient shape when we load the truck.  Cling wrap is an excellent way to secure the dresser drawers to ensure they don’t fall out and a great way to protect the corners of boxy furniture.

#4 Medium Boxes

Our Utah County movers never underestimate the need for quality moving boxes.  Medium moving boxes in particular, are one size we bring plenty of when it is time to start packing.  Medium moving boxes are easy to stack and arrange inside the moving truck.  The size also prevents over packing a box and making it unnecessarily heavy.  The majority of household items, from dishes to tools, fit perfectly in medium size moving boxes.

#5 Packing Paper

Packing paper is an excellent tool for the kitchen when it’s time for our movers to start packing.  Packing paper is a quick way to wrap glasses, plates, bowls, and large serving dishes.  In addition to bubble wrap, our movers rely on packing paper to help ensure your belongings arrive at your new home in one piece.  Like bubble wrap, it is lightweight and reusable.  It can also be used to fill in gaps inside boxes to prevent items from moving around inside the box.

Uinta Moving Company, a Utah County mover, is prepared to start packing your home while using our training and proper packing materials to secure your belongings and deliver them to your new home.  Packing your belongings with great care and professionalism is our number one goal.


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