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6 Ways to Handle Moving Stress

Moving can be a stressful life event.  Moving to Utah is exciting and there are plenty of new experiences to be had, but before the adventures begin you have to handle the move.  Uinta Moving Company is here to make moving to Utah less stressful with our full service moving team, but you’ll likely feel stressed because you’re human after all.  Follow these 6 tips for dealing with moving stress.

1. Hire a Full Service Mover

Our full service movers are here to keep as much stress off your plate as possible.  We take care of the packing, loading the truck, unloading the truck, and unpacking your belongings.  We are even trained to pack and move special items such as TV’s, large furniture, paintings, and fragile décor.  You can get a free estimate and get the process started.  Hiring help when moving to Utah is the easiest way to keep stress at a minimum when moving.

2. Meditate

One way to handle moving stress is to meditate.  Choose a quiet place to unwind, think clearly, and breathe deep.  Add positive thoughts to this much deserved time out and you are sure to feel ready to tackle your move.

3. Exercise Your Moving Stress Away

Exercise is a wonderful stress reliever and moving to Utah means you have plenty of options for hiking and exercising outdoors.  There are walking paths, mountain trails, parks, and bike paths that you can take advantage of. 

4. Eat healthy foods

Healthy food may be hard to come by as you empty out the fridge in preparation for your move, but it is well worth the effort to keep some fresh, healthy food close by.  Whether you hire our full service movers, or do the packing yourself and hire our team to load the truck,  you will need healthy food to fuel your body.  Keep some on hand to reduce stress and keep your body happy.

5. Get more sleep

Easier said than done on any day for most people, but on moving day especially.  However, if you prioritize getting to sleep even an hour earlier, you body will be rested in time for your Utah move and you will be prepared to handle moving stress a little better.

6. Ask for and accept help

Feeling overwhelmed when you’re in the middle of moving to Utah just adds to the stress.  Asking for help is a simple way to alleviate moving stress and you’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to help once they know what you need.  Be ready to accept any help that is offered as well.  You’ll need it! Use those delegating skills and make moving to Utah that much easier.


Moving to Utah and managing moving stress can seem impossible.  This is a bog life event after all.  However, taking time to manage moving stress and take care of yourself is well worth the effort if it means less burnout and a happy family.  Alleviate stress so you can enjoy your new home and explore Utah.


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