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Using Packing Services the Right Way

When you should and shouldn’t ask your moving company for packing services? Packing is a very tedious part of the moving process. For the most part, customers tend to handle this portion themselves, as it is very time consuming and can be costly. Additionally, it can be very nice to have a perfect understanding of […]

Moving to Salt Lake City

Moving in Salt Lake City can be quite the project. Let Uinta Moving Company help you move, and use this checklist to make it all easier.

Moving is a very stressful time for any person. Uinta Moving Company is dedicated to helping customers all across the Wasatch front and beyond to have stress-free moving experiences so they can concentrate on the other pressing tasks of the moving process such as internet, utilities, moving kids and more.    Salt Lake City provides […]

Hiring Movers in Utah: How to Know the Good From the Bad

Hiring a moving company in Utah and across the Wasatch Front can be daunting task. Not only is moving far from a cheap expense, you know the company you choose will have their hands on all of your possessions. Its very important to have trust In the company you choose. There are a few different […]

What to Look for When Hiring Long-Distance Movers

Here at Uinta, we are dedicated to aiding the customer in finding the best option for them when it comes to long distance moving. For some people, renting a truck and simply getting our help to load it is the way to go. For them, saving money might be a higher priority then the ease […]