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Hiring Movers in Utah: How to Know the Good From the Bad

Hiring a moving company in Utah and across the Wasatch Front can be daunting task. Not only is moving far from a cheap expense, you know the company you choose will have their hands on all of your possessions. Its very important to have trust In the company you choose. There are a few different points to consider when hiring movers in Utah:


The reason this item is listed first is because it is, generally speaking, the first thing that most customers want to know when beginning the process of calling around to get quotes for their upcoming move. It is important to check pricing and make sure you’re not being taken advantage of but be careful about just picking the cheapest option. Here at Uinta, we like to be affordable but don’t focus on cutting as many costs as we can. As a result, we have no doubt that cheaper rates can be found. The risk comes in the fact that a lot of companies are just a couple buddies and a trailer or some other type of operation. Uinta is a full service company where you won’t be disappointed with the results or the cost. It’s not at all uncommon for us to get a call from a customer who went with one of those cheaper options on the morning of their scheduled move date. Often, the company never shows up, is extremely late or has done such a bad job, the customer will ask us to come out at the last minute. Don’t put yourself in this type of situation. Hire real movers.

Reviews and testimonials

It is super important to look at what previous customers are saying about the company in question. The companies that are guaranteed to cause issues usually having warning signs in the reviews! Here at Uinta Moving Company, we do everything we can to have satisfied customers and it’s seen in our reviews. We wrap all furniture and really focus on kind customer service and professionalism at all times to ensure a good experience. We give bonuses and incentive structures to our movers and office staff to ensure everyone has maximum motivation to help you through this stressful time as easily as possible.

Services provided

Simply put, just make sure you’re hiring a full-service moving company. We always bring plentiful stretch wrap, furniture blankets, tools, dollies and other necessary supplies to ensure that all your possessions arrive at their destination safely and efficiently. Our trucks are safe and reliable and professionally wrapped to help in identification. Moving day doesn’t need to be stressful!


One big consideration is insurance. Your items are very important to you and as such, we know that you want things getting to their destination safely. Generally speaking, a good company should present you with different insurance options upon booking. If this conversation goes unmentioned, it could start to raise some suspicion as to that company’s processes when dealing with such issues. Make sure you’re dealing with a company who knows what they’re doing and is accountable in this regard.


Professionalism is key when it comes to movers. These crews will be around your families, children, neighbors and all your personal possessions. We heavily emphasize clean-cut movers, good language, proper hygiene, professional uniforms and more to give you confidence in having our family around yours!



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