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Moving & Packing Tips For Your Next Move

When moving, it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of tasks required for the process. Not only does everything need to be packed up, but transported and then, worst of all, you have to find places for everything at the new place, get settled, set up internet, bills and much much more. Our goal at Uinta is to take some of these tasks out of your hands so you can narrow your focus. 

Packing Tips

Packing can definitely be an arduous and daunting process. Obviously if we are doing the move, it’s as easy as it gets. People are shocked at the speed at which we can pack a house up. If you’re doing the packing yourself, there’s a few things to remember. 

  1. When packing fragile boxes, use bubble wrap at the bottom and top of the box. Wrap individual fragile items such as cups, bowls, etc. in packing paper. One piece per item. The paper should keep things protected and it saves all the costs for extra bubble wrap.
  2. Bubble wrap larger class items such as large bowls and casserole dishes. These are too large for paper.
  3. The heavier the items to pack, the smaller box. Big boxes should be used for light items such as pillows or linens. This helps maintain the integrity of the box throughout the move and while in storage. 
  4. Liquids are better off being packed in plastic bins. Sometimes these can spill and leak through boxes, damaging surrounding items. 
  5. Taping. Boxes should be thoroughly taped. You don’t want to go light on the taping or you will run into issues with boxes breaking. Double and triple tape everywhere. It’s cheap. 
  6. Label everything. When we professionally pack items, we always ensure the contents of the boxes are clearly noted on the top!

Moving Tips

Obviously, we at Uinta would recommend you use our services for the moving portion of the move. That being said, its not always the very best choice for some people, particularly those on a tight budget. You can definitely save money just moving things yourself and here are a few tricks of what to do if that is the route you want to take. 

  1. Get a uhaul. Penskes are nice but far more expensive. Uhauls come with built-in insurance. Buy it. It costs $15 to purchase the normal package and is a no brainer. It barely costs anything extra to get the largest uhaul so there’s really no reason to try and save a little and squeeze into a smaller size truck unless you’re not comfortable with driving the larger sizes. The bulk of the cost is in the mileage so keep that in mind.
  2. Rent moving blankets and use them when you pack the truck. They are super cheap from uhaul and will save your furniture from those little nicks and dings that occur on moves. 
  3. Get shoulder straps. The brand is called Shoulder Dolly and they are super helpful. The wrist ones are good too but not nearly as good. Get the Shoulder Dolly ones. They will save your back.
  4. If you have a large move, consider hiring a moving company to send just one or two guys to help guide the move along and pack the truck.
  5. Start by packing the truck with square furniture and boxes to create a really uniform pack. Once you have used all those items, secure the wall by putting a mattress up against it and strapping it down. Abnormally shaped items then get loaded. 
  6. Use as many tie downs as possible, don’t be stingy!

Good luck with your move and never forget, An easy move is just a call away!


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