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Moving to Salt Lake City

Moving is a very stressful time for any person. Uinta Moving Company is dedicated to helping customers all across the Wasatch front and beyond to have stress-free moving experiences so they can concentrate on the other pressing tasks of the moving process such as internet, utilities, moving kids and more. 


Salt Lake City provides some additional factors to take into consideration than other areas particularly due to the weather. Winter time is generally much more open for moving companies and truck rental companies alike. Generally, prices should be slightly cheaper for both due to the decreased demand that comes from the bad weather and peoples’ unwillingness to move in it. Depending on your priorities, winter could be an amazing time to move and save a little more for this reason. This price difference is particularly pronounced in moving out of state. A number of the costs are just much cheaper during the winter months, bringing overall moving costs down significantly. 


Regardless of when you move, choosing the right moving company to help is extremely important. Here at Uinta, we’ve never missed an appointment and have hundreds of 5-star reviews demonstrating that we do everything we can for our customers. The worst possible scenario is for you to get to the day of the move and the company doesn’t show up. Surprisingly, this is a very common occurrence in the industry. We are constantly doing our best to help customers on the day of their move when a company no-shows. JUST. READ. REVIEWS.


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