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Five Tips for Moving to Utah County with Your Family

Moving an entire family of people can be a challenge, especially when you are a young family with small children. Moving to Utah County should be exciting and full of new experiences and adventures. Uinta Moving is your mover for Utah County and we are prepared to make your family move easier. Here are five tips for moving to Utah County as a family.


Involve the Children in Your Move

#1-Even young children can help pack small toys and children’s books into boxes. Label boxes with pictures of the items you want packed in each box and allow the children to place those items in the boxes. Of course, you will want to check each box before it is taped closed, but this activity gives young children the opportunity to participate and keep busy on moving day.

Clean Your New Home Together

#2-Once you have arrived at your new Utah County home, you may decide that it needs to be cleaned before you can unpack each room. Young children can be helpful during this part of your move by performing easy cleaning tasks at their level. To keep them busy while you focus on more extensive cleaning tasks, give them a damp rag to wipe door knobs and light switches. These places are usually within a young child’s reach. They get to explore their new home while giving you a little help in the clean up department.

Choose Items for Your New Utah County Home Together

#3-Moving often comes with more expense than just your new home and a moving company. When you arrive at your new home you may discover that you need additional linens, bedding, and curtains for example. Once the children have had a chance to explore their new home and bedrooms, arrange a shopping trip where they can be involved in choosing colors and decor for their new space. Moving to a new home can be scary and overwhelming but having a few items they have chosen themselves can bring comfort and excitement to this new adventure.

Plan Moving Day Activities in Advance

#4-Moving day is a large undertaking. While Uinta Moving is here to help the big day run smoothly, it often helps to plan activities for the children in advance. Moving is exciting but not always fun. Young children may get bored while you are busy moving in. If you have family or friends in the Utah County area it’s a great idea to ask for help keeping the children occupied while you focus on setting up your new home. If finding a sitter is not an option for you, pre-planning activities before you arrive is another way to keep them entertained.

Keep Day to Day Essentials Close By

#5-Besides all the boxes that need to be moved to your new home, children often come with baggage that needs to be kept close by. Pack a bag ahead of time to avoid trying to find essentials in boxes that have already been packed up. Some essentials may include snacks and drinks, electronics, games, a change of clothes, and comfort items. You may also consider keeping night time essentials such as pajamas and toothbrushes within reach. You’ll need them at the end of a long day of moving and not having to search for them will be helpful.

Moving to Utah County is a great way to start a new adventure. Surely moving with children is an adventure of its own variety, but with a little planning upfront, it can be an exciting day for the entire family.


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