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Tips for Moving to Utah in Snowy Weather 

As your full service movers in Utah County, we want to make your move to or around Utah as seamless as possible, no matter the weather. Moving in snowy weather isn’t ideal but it may be unavoidable for you. That’s ok! We’ve got you covered. Check out these tips for moving in snowy weather.

Clear Walkways and Driveway

Be prepared with shovels or hire some to help to clear any snow or ice from any sidewalks, walkways, driveway,  or stairs that will be used during your move.

Have Supplies on Hand

Have salt or sand, or both, on hand. These are used to cover the icy areas that our movers will use to move your belongings to and from the moving truck while transporting your belongings from one home to another. They create some traction and make the walkways less slippery and hard to walk on.

Check the Weather

Keep an eye on the weather. You can easily track weather from your phone now. Our movers will of course do the same, and make every effort to plan around breaks in snowy weather to keep everyone safe and keep the move in or move out process as smooth as possible.

Protect Floors and Carpeting

Our movers wear shoe coverings and other supplies to keep your home clean, but during snowy weather it may be helpful to also keep a few garage towels handy, as well as cover flooring with cardboard or plastic. This simple step will help protect your new home, or the one you are moving out of, from becoming a wet, muddy mess.

Pack Belongings Appropriately

If you are packing up your own belongings, consider double wrapping large furniture and electronics in multiple furniture blankets and plastic wrap to protect it from any moisture or water. As the ice begins to melt or the snow gives way to sunshine, make sure your belongings are protected.

Dress Warmly

While we are making sure your belongings are nice and cozy, don’t forget about yourself. Make sure to have appropriate clothing on hand so that you and your family can stay warm. As our movers bring boxes and furniture into or out of your home, doors will be open, letting the cold air in. Make sure you are bundled up and as comfortable as possible.

Prepare Your Vehicle

As Utah County Movers, our movers and moving trucks are prepared for snowy, winter weather. If you are new to Utah County or if you have not had a chance to prepare your vehicle for winter, take a few minutes to make sure you have an emergency kit, a small shovel, extra blankets, snow chains, extra food and water, and that your vehicle is in working order.

Moving during snowy, winter weather can be a challenge, but with our Utah Country movers there to help, and following these simple tips, we can work together to make your move to and around Utah a success.


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