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Moving to Utah from Another State

Moving to Utah From Out of State

Moving to Utah from out of state should be exciting rather than stressful.  Using a checklist can help you stay organized and keep moving surprises at bay.  Once you make the decision to move to Utah, the to-do list can get quite lengthy, and quickly. Consider using the following checklist to make your move smoother.

Determine Your Moving Budget

– What is your moving budget and what items will you need to include in that budget?
Utah Housing-long-term or short-term

-Packing materials

-Uinta Moving costs

-Travel costs such as gas and hotel accommodations along the way
Storage Unit if needed upon arrival


Set Your Utah Moving Date

Work backwards! You will need to consider when your new home will be available, when our team of movers will arrive to move you out of your existing home  and when you need to be in your new home here in Utah. Map out your travel time and stay on track to arrive in Utah on the appointed day, with our team there to move you in. 


Contact Uinta Moving

Get a free estimate and schedule moving services for the date you will arrive in Utah.  Our team is trained to do the heavy lifting.  We will do our absolute best and take great care of your belongings.


Packing for Your Move to Utah

We are also here to help you pack.  Packing rarely used items first such as pictures, books, holiday decorations, and seasonal sports equipment is a great place to start. Our team is trained to pack fragile items in appropriate, clearly labeled boxes with  appropriate packing material to ensure your belongings arrive in Utah safely.  


Transporting Your Vehicles to Utah

Moving to Utah from out of state not only means bringing your household belongings.  It also means bringing those vehicles parked in your driveway.  Arrange drivers or towing equipment ahead of your move to Utah makes this a smooth process. 


Storage Units in Utah

Ideally, it is best to have keys to your new Utah home available when you arrive, however, that may not be possible.  Uinta moving is prepared to move your belongings into your new home or into a storage unit if needed.  Arrange any storage unit needs before you begin your move to Utah.  


Utah USPS Mail

Contact USPS to submit a change of address before your move to Utah to ensure you receive bills and other important mail at your new home. 


Set Up Utilities in Utah

Contact local utility companies ahead of time to set up essentials such as Wi-Fi, electricity, water, garbage, and sewer. 


Moving is a big life event and there is much to enjoy in your new state of Utah.  Hopefully this checklist will help you stress less and enjoy more as you explore your new home.  Thank you for trusting Uinta Moving with your belongings.



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