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Utah Commercial Office Moving

Moving your commercial office, staff and furniture is an exciting but large undertaking for every business owner.  Your business may be moving to be closer to your target market, to improve production, or expand your employee space. Whatever the reason, such a large move needs a plan before it begins.  While making a plan, a few questions to ask yourself are, will you be purchasing and moving new furniture, will you be using existing furniture, how many individual office spaces need to be moved, how many conference rooms will be moved, and are you moving special equipment such as medical office equipment, larger computer servers, or security surveillance monitors. To allow the move to run smoother, here are a few tips for moving your commercial office.

Plan Your Corporate Move Early

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” — Benjamin Franklin.

We don’t want that to happen! Our team of movers are trained to handle specialty jobs such as commercial office moves.  We are thrilled to be part of your plan. Once you have secured your new commercial office space, the next step is to contact Uinta Moving. We offer free quotes and can assist you with the logistics.  If you are moving new furniture or equipment from a supplier, straight to your new office space, our movers can load up those new items, deliver them to your new office space, and take care of moving it in. If you are moving existing furniture or equipment from your old office, to your new one, our movers are trained to accurately pack large items to avoid dings and damage, or lost parts. 

Planning your move may also include obtaining a sketch of the commercial office layout. This can be helpful in determining where furniture and equipment should be placed by our movers, as well as making sure these items will fit in the new office space in a way that best serves you and your clients. 

Another step in planning your commercial office move is proper scheduling.  To avoid lengthy disruptions in your ability to serve your clients, consider scheduling your move when the office is regularly closed.   Additionally, scheduling your commercial office move in phases may be the most effective way to move while continuing to provide the best service to your clients.  Whether you are planning to move in one day or in phases,  we can work with you to finalize a schedule.  Make sure to also provide all addresses, as well as expected arrival and departure times, to Uinta Moving when you schedule your move. Our team is ready to make the transition seamless.  

Organize and Label Your Commercial Office Equipment

Uinta Moving is prepared to pack and move your commercial office furniture and equipment, however, it is helpful to have a plan ahead of time.  We suggest that business owners and/or office managers prepare ahead of time by deciding what furniture and equipment will go in what office spaces. One way to begin this process is to inventory each item before we arrive. This is especially important if only select items are being moved to the new office space, while others are being sold, donated, or left behind.  Once it is determined which items will be moved and which will not, sort or group your furniture and equipment according to the floor and room our team will be moving them to.  Organizing this way in advance will allow you to be up and ready for business much quicker.  

Assign a Commercial Office Moving Coordinator

To make the move seamless and to avoid any confusion or miscommunication between our team and yours, consider assigning a liaison from your office. This person will be our main contact for scheduling and coordinating your move.  Together, we can ensure that everyone and everything is ready for the big move.  For larger office spaces and larger commercial offices, it may be wise to assign two or more people to coordinate between your office and ours. 


Moving commercial offices is a large undertaking with several moving parts and tedious work. However, making an effort to plan ahead makes for a smooth transition for everyone. Keep these tips in mind and call our team today to let us help you coordinate a smooth move.


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