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New Home Checklist: Post-Move

1. Unpack the Necessities First
Think about what you will need in the first week that isn’t already in your moving essentials bag.  This might be bedding, towels, simple kitchen dishes, cleaning supplies, and extra clothing.  Consider this a “home camping” adventure.  If you are “camping “  in your new home for a few days, what would you need right away? Our full service movers will unpack those essentials first so that you can be comfortable in your new home in no time.


2. Recycle moving supplies
Our full service moving team can haul the boxes and packing supplies away for you, our you can check out these suggestions for reusing packing supplies  Whatever you chose, we are here to help.


3. Order new furniture and décor

  Does your couch fit in your new home? Have you been waiting until the move to order a new bed? Now that you are even more familiar with your new home you may find yourself making a shopping list. Priorities that list and order any new décor or furniture you find you need.  Make sure to take measurements so that your new items are sure to fit properly.  If you are ordering large items from local stores, our Utah County movers can also pick up and deliver those large items that are too cumbersome for you to move on your own.


4.Change the locks

If your home is brand new or previously owned you should consider changing the locks.  If your home is new chances are the builder has a key.  This could also be true of the contractor.  If your home was previously owned then there could be any number of house keys out there for your home.  From friends to in-laws, the previous homeowner may have given out keys and did not collect them back before moving.  Changing the locks will provide an added measure of security.


5. Childproof the home

If you have small children or grandchildren that visit often, take some time to childproof your home.  This may include cabinet locks, outlet covers, gates in front of and at the bottom of stairs, and moving breakable items out of reach.


6. Set Up Utilities to be Turned On

Make your home comfortable and functioning by taking some time to schedule the utilities to be turned on.  Running water, lights, gas, and sewer are modern conveniences that are must-haves.  Scheduling the utilities to be turned on by the day you move in will make the first few days of settling in that much more comfortable.  


7. Make a Note of the Trash and Recycling Pickup Days

Each neighborhood has their own pick up day for trash and recycling and your new neighborhood won’t be any different.  Chances are you will have more trash and recycling than usual the first few times the trash service comes around.  Contact your local trash service, or your landlord if you are renting, so that you don’t miss the opportunity to have your trash hauled away.  


8. Say Hi to the New Neighbors

Meet the new neighbors! Get to know the people of Utah County and the Wasatch Front.  Neighbors are an excellent resource for recommendations on places to eat, kid’s activities,  outdoor adventure areas, and the best local places to shop. Make new friends and enjoy your new home!



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