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New Home Checklist-Pre-Move

1.Get a Free Estimate from Uinta Moving Company

We can move your home and still keep the budget in mind.  You can get a free estimate and decide which of our services fits your budget.  There are several ways we can help but two of those are providing full service moving or hybrid moving.  Learn more about those two ways specifically here.

Full-service moving – 

Our Utah County movers provide all you need for moving day.  From packing materials to moving in and unpacking, we can handle it all for you. 

Hybrid moving – 

Hybrid moving is the perfect way to stay on budget but still hire the help you need from our trained movers.  If you prefer to pack your belongings the old fashioned way with the help of friends and family, that’s great! Call our Utah County movers to take over from there.  We will load and unload the truck, including loading bulky items like fridges and washing machines, to take a load off of your shoulders.

2.Gather Moving Boxes and Supplies

Our full service moving company will take care of this part for you.  Our team is trained to pack and wrap specialty items such as tv’s, dressers, and fragile items properly.  Your belongings are important to you and they are important to us.  Our movers take care to ensure your belongings arrive at your new home in the same condition they were when they were carefully packed away. 

3.Give notice to your landlord or List Your Home

Are you renting or do you own? Contact your landlord to give your notice that you are moving, or a trusted realtor to list your home.  This is also the time to make a note in your moving budget that you will need to pay for first and last month’s rent, or closing cost and realtor fees depending on the situation.

4.Make Repairs Before You Leave

If you are moving from a rental property make sure to follow your landlord’s move out requirements, including patching holes, touch up paint, cleaning, and/or making notes of any damages that existed when you moved in.  If you are moving out of a property that you own there will be an inspection done as part of the home selling process.  Make sure to review this list with your realtor and the inspector to make sure all required repairs are completed.

5.Take Utilities Out of Your Name

Contact your current utility companies, as well as the utility companies associated with your new home.  Turning utilities off and on or transferring them out of your name will likely take the utility company a day or two.  Preparing for this ahead of time will ensure you aren’t left without water, heat, or air conditioning while you tackle the process of moving. Here are a few tips for transferring and/or setting up utilities:

  • Create a list of all of your current utility providers and your new providers.
  • Notify utility providers of your move a few weeks prior.
  • Most water and sewer services will need to be arranged through your city or town.
  • Before moving, call all utility providers to confirm your stop/start dates.

6.File with the USPS to Forward Your Mail

This is easily done online or in person.  Double check your moving date and let the USPS know when to begin forwarding your mail.  Some towns have P.O. Boxes rather than mail boxes out front.  If you need to secure a P.O. Box the USPS can also help with this.

7.Make a Moving Floor Plan

Take a look around your new home! How exciting!  Floor plans vary from home to home of course, and chances are your new home is vastly different from your old home.  Take a moment to decide where large furniture, rugs, and wall hangings will go.  Make a note of this by writing down on a simple floor plan.  We have some simple floor plan tips here

8. Make Organize Donate, Sell, and Trash Piles

The less you move, the more efficient the move  is and the faster our Utah County movers can complete the job.  Of course, don’t get rid of anything you might regret later, but be smart about what you pack up.  Take quick stock of what you have and what you no longer have a need for.  Selling unused or gently used items is a quick way to beef up your moving budget and avoid doing unnecessary work packing items you don’t need.  Donating is also an option to get rid of unused items in bulk.  Fill a few bags from each area of your house as you go through the moving process and you quickly find you are making progress.  Unfortunately some belongings that are no longer of use to you, are not really of use to anyone.  These items can be disposed of properly and in no time you are clearing up your space.  

9.Reserve a Storage Unit

As was mentioned before, chances are the layout of your new home is vastly different from your old home.  Some items may need to go to a storage unit until arrangements and decisions can be made as to whether you will keep them or get rid of them.  Our full service movers can unload items at your new home, as well as at a storage unit if you find this arrangement would work best for you.

10.Hire a Cleaning Service

It’s hard to clean around furniture and boxes.  The most efficient way to deep clean your new home is to have it done before you move in.  You can always gather friends and family to help but hiring a cleaning service means your home is being cleaned by trained professionals.  A professional cleaning service can clean your home in no time with a team of cleaners and you will have the peace of mind that your new home is clean and ready for your family to enjoy. 

11.Make Necessary Repairs and Improvements to Your New Home

Maybe you want to paint the walls or change the flooring, or maybe you want to make simple repairs such as replacing light switch covers or door knobs.  Whatever the repair, it is often easier to complete before you move in.  Take a moment to walk around your new home and make a list of repairs you’d like to make and decide which repairs will be made before you move in and which ones will have to wait.

12.Pack a Moving Essentials Bag

Everyone needs to pack a separate moving essentials bag before the move. This bag should contain everything you need on moving day and even the few days following the move.  You can see our Moving Essentials Bag list here.


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