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Packing Your Electronics

Uinta Moving is trained and prepared to help you move to Utah by packing your home for you, but should you choose to pack your home yourself, use these tips for packing electronics to make sure everything arrives safely and is easy to set up in your new home.

Screws, mounts, wires, cords, remotes, manuals….is your head spinning? Moving to Utah doesn’t have to make your heads spin. One way to ease the dizziness is to follow these tips when packing your electronics.

1.Back Up Your Files and Data

Back up your computer files using an app or an external hard drive before you pack your electronics. Of course you don’t want your electronics damaged during your move, but if they are, you will have already saved your files and backed up your data.

2.Before You Touch Anything, Take a Picture!

Look at the back of your electronics before packing them. After moving to Utah, you aren’t going to remember where all the cords and wires should plug in. Take a picture of the back of your electronics like your tv, sound system, and computer. A picture is easy to refer to using your phone and will be able to see right where everything goes.

3.Unplug and Organize Your Cords

Unplug your electronics one at a time as you pack them. To avoid mixing and tangling up cords, pack one electronic at a time. Once you have unplugged an electronic device, label the cords using sticker labels, colored duct tape, storage containers, or plastic storage bags. Attach storage bags directly to the electronics or pack electronics and cords in the same box.

4.Use the Original Box

If you’re over thirty, chances are you now save boxes. If you saved any of the boxes from your original purchase of your electronics, now is the time to use them! Pack your electronics in the original box to ensure a tight, proper fit. If you didn’t save the original boxes, don’t worry! You can purchase boxes or we can pack your electronics for you.

5.Fill the Empty Space

After you choose the proper box and pack your electronic device inside, you need to protect corners and edges with styrofoam or bubble wrap, and fill and empty spaces as well. Filling the empty spaces in the moving box will ensure that your electronics don’t move around inside the box while they are being transported.

6.Hire Professional Movers

The last step is to call Uinta Moving and book a moving date. We are trained and professional, and prepared to help you move to Utah, all while ensuring your electronics arrive safely to your new home.


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