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State-to-State Moving

Interstate moving is a whole different animal than local moving. For many folks, this is a huge expense and requires careful consideration. Not only is interstate moving much costlier than local moving, it also comes with greater risk to items due to the long transport distance, potential weather conditions and more. Because of these factors, we recommend more care when choosing a company to transport your belongings over long distance routes. 


There are a number of things to consider when choosing long distance movers. One that we really focus on at Uinta is transparency. Because of all the costs, sometimes hidden fees and other issues with pricing can quickly arise. We always make our charges totally clear to customers and our pricing is much simpler to ensure clear expectations throughout the process. This seems to be an all-too-common issue that leads to upset customers in our experience in the industry and thus we try to avoid those problems. 


We pride ourselves in the fact that our long distance specialists (crew leads on the move) are the same crew throughout the whole process. You as the customer will have the personal number of your crew from start to finish, enabling you to always know where your stuff is, what their eta is and anything else you’d like to know. This ensures that there are never any delays in delivery and you can be confident in that fact. 


Be careful when hiring long distance movers. State to State moving is tricky and requires only the most experienced of crews. We are happy to provide a premium service here at Uinta that is sure to meet all your Interstate moving needs!


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