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10 Types of Moving Boxes and Their Uses

Congratulations! You are moving to Utah! Our full service moving company is ready to pack your belongings and make sure they arrive at your new home in one piece.  There are several ways we ensure the safety of your belongings.  One way is to make sure we choose the appropriate types of moving boxes.  There are several types of moving boxes.  Here are our top ten.

#1 The Medium Moving Box

The medium moving box is the most used type of moving box. There are several reasons for this.  One reason is that, at 3 cubic feet, it stacks into the moving truck well and can typically be carried by one mover.  Medium boxes also fit on a typical dolly easily due to their size.  They are small and mighty. They are able to hold an average of 60 pounds.  Medium moving boxes are perfect for holding  anything from home office supplies to the contents of your linen closet.

#2 The Picture Box

The picture box is perfect for pictures of course, but also mirrors.  These boxes have the smallest depth of all the typical types of moving boxes.  This means the box will fit snug against the mirror or picture and reduce the chance of items shifting around as the box is moved in and out of your home and the moving truck.

#3 The Extra Large Moving Box

The extra large moving box is helpful to our movers because it can hold large items that should not be packed with just a large bag.  Therefore, moving your large items to Utah may require one of these boxes.  They are typically used for large blankets, winter clothing, and other bulky items.  You may have seen your friends move these types of items with large bags such as a garbage bag.  While this is pretty common, bags can rip and can hold much less than an extra large moving box

#4 The TV Box

The TV box is a fantastic tool for our movers.  Moving to Utah from a long or short distance means that you will need to move fragile items. One of those is your tv.  The TV box is a specialty type of moving boxes designed to take the worry out of moving such a fragile, bulky item.  Our movers use tv boxes to ensure your tv arrives to your new home safely and ready for you to sit back and watch after a long day of moving.

#5 The Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe boxes are taller than your typical type of moving box and they have a special hanging bar included.  This bar acts just like the rod in your closet to hang your clothes on.  Using a wardrobe box means our movers can quickly move your clothes from your closet to the box without having to remove the items from hangers and subsequently need a box for the hangers as well.  This also makes unpacking quick as well.  Our movers can quickly take your clothing from the box to the closet.  Your clothing will be ready to wear in no time.

#6 The Dishware Box

Dishware boxes are designed to keep your breakable dishes safe as they are moved to your new home.  This type of box comes with cardboard dividers.  These dividers prevent fragile glasses from shifting and banging against each other during the move.  They also maximize the space inside the box, allowing our movers to pack more and waste less.

#7 The Bankers Box

If you have a home office or even typical files like that contain household papers such as taxes, insurance paperwork, birth certificates, or bank papers, chances are you have a file cabinet.  Rather than lay each file folder in the bottom of a box and risk having a mess of papers on your hands, the bankers box is designed to prevent files from falling apart.  The bankers box is designed so that our movers can pack your files upright as if they were still in the filing cabinet.  Bankers boxes are also the perfect size to allow our movers to pack efficiently without the box becoming too heavy.

#8 The Mattress Bag

While this is technically not a box, the mattress bag allows our movers to protect your mattress while it is being hauled out to the moving truck and into your new home.  Your mattress is something you keep clean because you sleep there and our movers want to keep it that way.

#9 The Lamp Box

The lamp box is not one of the more commonly used types of boxes but it is no less useful.  This type of box is typically 12x12x40.  The extra height provides protection for a typically odd shaped item that can be hard to fit in a more common moving box.  Lamp boxes protect your fragile belongings from damage so that they are ready to bring light to your new home as soon as you arrive.

#10 The Telescope Box

Last, but certainly not least is the telescope box.  Like picture boxes, telescope boxes are perfect for flat household belongings like large mirrors and artwork.  These types of boxes come in two pieces, a top and a bottom.  They fit together to protect your belongings by sliding the smaller piece into the larger one, covering the entire item.

Moving to Utah is an adventure that we want to be a part of.  Our full service moving company of trained movers is ready to ensure your belongings arrive safely to your new home.  We are trained to choose the right type of box no matter the item, and load and unload it so you don’t have to worry. 


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