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I am moving in Utah, now what?

Moving to or in Utah county starts with packing.  Packing can be overwhelming but our professional packers are here to help make your Utah move a success. If you are like most moving families, you not only have to pack your belongings, you also have to pack your general household items and the belongings of each of your family members. A successful unpacking process starts with organized packing.  There are several ways to pack in an organized way in this helpful guide.  Our packers are trained to pack items, especially valuables and large furniture so that everything arrives at your new home protected and in one piece.  Our professional packers ensure this happens and takes the pressure off of you to pack everything appropriately.  We also offer unpacking and reassembly services once you arrive at your new home. Our moving professionals are highly trained and have helped satisfied Utah families move for several years. We understand that packing is a very time-consuming task but our team is prepared to make it a seamless process.  

When Should I Call Uinta Moving?

We are a full service Utah county moving company that offers local moving services, long distance moving services, commercial moving, packing, on-site moving, single item moving, and deliveries.  Plan ahead by https://uintamoving.com/contact-us/ as soon as you have made the decision to move and get a free estimate.  Once services have been scheduled, make sure to provide the correct addresses and phone number to reach you. Our movers are prepared to pack your belongings into the moving truck at your old residence and move them to your new address, and make it a stress free experience for you.  A successful move includes a consultation to establish your needs.  This includes the number and type of rooms you have in your home such as kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces, as well as the number of floors you have in your home. 

We Take Care of Your Packing and Unpacking in Utah

Packing has been done, whether by you or Uinta Moving, but now it’s time to unpack.  Unpacking can be a long, drawn out mess if you are working, enrolling kids in school, and going about everyday responsibilities.  The unorganized mess can add stress to an already big life change.  Our moving professionals are trained to unpack your belongings and assemble large furniture such as beds, couches, bookshelves, tables, and entertainment centers.  Let us lighten your load and add helping hands to the process.  We take our responsibility to take care and handle your valuables seriously so that you can leave the packing and unpacking to us. Our team of movers are ethical and trustworthy. We treat your belongings as if they were our own.

How Long Does it Take to Pack?

Packing is a large undertaking with several moving parts and a substantial time commitment. However, our professional movers can cut down your packing time significantly. Our team is trained to pack efficiently and correctly, no matter the amount or size of the items.  Of course, the size and type of move vary with each client but we are prepared to offer a https://uintamoving.com/free-estimate/ along with a time frame once we discuss your moving needs with you.  Discussing your needs and taking the time to understand your expectations also eliminates wasted time and packing materials, in an effort to ensure a seamless process.  This includes the proper packing supplies from packing tape and specialty boxes, to bubble wrap and other storage containers. Packing doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult.  Uinta Moving and our team of professionals are prepared to help you move in Utah, no matter the size of your home or the items you need to move.  We are happy to make this process effortless so that you can get back to what matters most to you.