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Using Packing Services the Right Way

When you should and shouldn’t ask your moving company for packing services?

Packing is a very tedious part of the moving process. For the most part, customers tend to handle this portion themselves, as it is very time consuming and can be costly. Additionally, it can be very nice to have a perfect understanding of which items are in which boxes. Some, however, elect to outsource this part of the moving process to us at Uinta Moving and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to make their lives even easier!

We generally tell people that the packing portion of the move takes about as long as the moving itself. So whatever you were planning on paying for the move, you can generally double it. This is for local moves not long distance or specialty moves. Normally, the customers who take this option are just more okay with a bigger bill in exchange for less stress throughout the whole process!

Our professional movers/packers are extremely quick and efficient as they do this sort of thing all the time. It isn’t at all unusual for our packing customers to be shocked at how quickly we are able to get everything done. A crew of 6 packers could easily pack a large house in one day and have many times! Additionally, we have an incredible track record when it comes to packing so be confident in knowing the speed doesn’t compromise any degree of safety for your belongings. 

We hope that you’ll choose Uinta for your packing needs today!


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