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How a Floor Plan Can Help Your Utah Movers

Floor plans aren’t just helpful when choosing where to live or even which home to build. Floor plans are also useful to our Utah Movers. Our full service Utah Moving Company not long packs and loads your belongings into the moving truck, we also unload your belongings into your new home. A floor plan is helpful in knowing where to set up furniture and which boxes belong in which rooms. Here are 3 helpful tips for preparing a floor plan. 

Take Measurements of Your New Space

Before moving to your new home, take measurements of main living spaces where large furniture will be placed.  Taking measurements will help you determine if your current furniture will fit in your new space, and how. Record your measurements on a simple drawing of your new home. Our full services movers will set up and place large items like your couch, entertainment center, beds, and dressers where you would like them.  Take note of where electric outlets are and where you would like to hang pictures and décor in relation to your large furniture. This will also be a great help to you as you direct our movers as to where you would like your belongings placed. 

Consider Where You Would Like Your Furniture

Once you have made a floor plan and taken into consideration the size of your space, the size of your furniture, the location of outlets and lighting, and other elements of your new home, you can now decide where you would like our movers to place your items. Notating this on your floor plan will help you remember what you’d like.  Using a floor plan also makes it easy for you to “move” your furniture around with the stroke of a pen until you are happy with the look of your new space. Our movers will then make the move-in process efficient so that you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible.  

Consider Where You Would Like Smaller Items Placed

A few smaller items to consider are rugs, side tables, plants, and chairs. These items can be included on your floor plan as well, making the move in process that much more efficient.  Smaller items can bring your space together and quickly make your new space feel like home.  

Our Utah movers are full service and we complete the job to the fullest. Not only are we prepared to pack up your old residence and move your items to your new home, we are happy to unpack your new home and place your items in the appropriate rooms and spaces.


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