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What to Look for When Hiring Long-Distance Movers

Here at Uinta, we are dedicated to aiding the customer in finding the best option for them when it comes to long distance moving. For some people, renting a truck and simply getting our help to load it is the way to go. For them, saving money might be a higher priority then the ease of having us doing everything from start to finish. Other customers may want a more full-service moving experience. 

We like to tell people there are, generally speaking, three price ranges to consider when choosing a long distance mover.

Moving Alone

First, is the option to do it alone. This is by far the cheapest option, as it simply includes the truck cost, gas and whatever travel expenses you might have. We are always happy to assist prospective customers in pricing out what it would cost to do it alone and are of course always happy to offer our services in simply loading the truck to ensure a safe pack for the journey ahead. 

Using Van-Lines or Pods

The second tier of options are van-lines or pods. Both of these options are around a similar price point. This is the middle price point but comes with a few common drawbacks. For many people, these are great options! We just try to help every customer find the best option for them. First, these options typically have less flexibility date-wise then either option 1 or 3. Many of these companies will give you specific dates or times of the month when they can deliver their trucks/equipment with less customizability from you, the customer. Second, it is not at all uncommon for these types of moves to get delayed in transit. We unload shipments all the time from these types of moves that can be weeks or even months late in arriving.

Using a Professional Company

The final option is to go with more of a local company like us! This option is typically the most expensive but comes with the most perks! First, the same crew that loads the truck is the same crew that drives it out, unloads and has constant contact with you, the customer. The driver and you will exchange numbers and you can call them to check up on their status at any point throughout! This level of transparency, for many customers, is just the peace of mind they need during this stressful process. Another perk is the fact that only your belongings are on each truck, meaning that there are never any delays on delivery! We don’t do too many of these types of moves so we treat each one with the utmost respect and care. We want all our customers to feel like family and that especially goes for our long-distance clients.


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