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Why You Need A Full Service Moving Company

When hiring a moving company, it is very important to know what level of service that company provides. Some companies provide labor-only services and others don’t have the full compliment of services available that a full service company will have. 

Uinta Moving Company is a full service company and can handle all kinds of different challenges that come with the moving process. Our trucks come fully equipped with stretch wrap, furniture blankets, dollies, tools and more to ensure the job can get done efficiently and safely. All furniture is wrapped in blankets and stretch wrap to protect both the items themselves and the walls and surfaces of the house from getting any knicks or dings. 

Our professional movers can disassemble furniture and other items, put them back together, unhook appliances and help with a variety of tasks. We want the customer experience to be smooth and stress free. Why hire a moving company if not to take the stress out of the process!

One common problem we see with customers’ stories from using other moving companies is that there is a wide variety of different companies out there. Some just show up with a trailer or other equipment is lacking. Maybe it’s just a couple of brothers who have an extra snowmobile trailer. We have full 26’ moving trucks at Uinta and never use anything else. We would never be cheap to save a few bucks but rather are constantly committed to providing a quality experience every single time. 


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